The future in waste management

We were founded by professionals, who consolidated their experience and knowledge from within the waste management industry after recognising the necessity for a facilitator to assist companies across the UK.

Go Green Ltd

Our company was originally established in 2000 and was known as Green (GB) Ltd.

Upon this foundation, we developed into a national waste management company with an ever growing buying power, which ensured competitive pricing through the use of local suppliers - thus maximising logistical efficiency, leading to lower costs for our customers. This cost reduction is further enhanced by the use of material recovery disposal points as an alternative to sending waste to landfill. The use of an extensive supply chain guarantees an effective and reliable service, which has been made possible by forming and maintaining close relationships with our suppliers.

Go Green - Our Story

Following our success and expansion, we became Go Green Ltd that was based on our founding principles to ensure customers abide by Environmental Legislation, and to reduce their administrative burden. We became a one stop shop for all waste management and recycling solutions, allowing the customer to focus on their primary business activities.

How we developed

As a result of continually evolving Environmental Legislation, our customers required a UK wide service provider to assist in adhering to their legal requirements. Our business expanded considerably due to the unrivalled service that we provided. This centered around our customer service team, who ensure that our customers get what they want, when they want! At Go Green Ltd, we offer waste minimisation and recycling with environmental compliance as a priority.

Our company is ideally positioned due to our knowledge and expertise, mitigating the disruptions of laws placed on waste producers, which have been positively implemented to protect the environment. The most pivotal piece of legislation was the introduction of the Site Waste Management Plan in 2009, as it emphasised the importance of managing waste via a sustainable method. Our company has various certifications and accreditations, our most significant being ISO 9001 & 14001; we became accredited in 2009, which further cemented our commitment to environmental sustainability and quality.

Go Green - Our Story

What we can do for you

We provide a full waste management service for customers in all sectors across the UK. Throughout the years that Go Green Ltd. has been in operation, we have advanced our professional knowledge and acute understanding of the waste industry. This has enabled us to share our expertise with our clients regardless of the complexity of a provision. We offer simplified and practical solutions, which support a variety of businesses. This is managed by utilising our customer focused teams both in the office and on site.

We have invested heavily in our IT infrastructure, and our primary focus has been the development of our unique and exclusive software. Initially, this system provided reports that could be sent to our customers directly for analysis; this then advanced into a full online Portal with our clients’ requirements directly at the forefront. Due to the bespoke software systems provided by our in-house IT team, we can offer unrivalled reporting that is tailored to our clients’ needs.

Go Green - Our Story

The Future

Our aim is to continue to lead the market positively through our investment in both our internal and external systems. Our emphasis is to ensure our customers receive the best value for money to enable them to secure further work.

We are recognised as a socially responsible business who continually invest in our infrastructure and employees including investing in our state of the art head office and through the development of our staff. We demonstrate long term commitment to our clients, the local community and the environment through all of our activities. Leading the industry with proactive waste management solutions across all sectors is a high priority for Go Green Ltd

Go Green - Our Story

Under the guidance of our highly experienced directors, Go Green Ltd has developed into a market leading waste management facilitator. We believe that our pursuit of excellence combined with our long term future objectives, sets us apart from our competitors.

Doncaster Business Awards Winners 2017

Categories & Criteria

  • Large Business of the Year Winner
  • Excellence in Corporate, Social and Environmental Responsibility Winner
  • Success Through Innovation and Diversification Winner
Go Green Ltd Doncaster Business Awards 2017