Portal Benefits

Movement Tracking

Real-time movements for all waste containers for your sites are available via our online portal. The movement tool provides you with complete 24 hours a day control for your business whether you are on site or in an office environment. Every Ad-hoc (skip) or scheduled (trade waste) movement is recorded and located via the movements section of the Portal.

Recycling & Performance Reports

Using specific date ranges you are able to generate recycling and recovery reports broken down into individually segregated waste streams. This unique innovative system allows you to have complete control of your waste data for individual sites as well as your business as a whole. Waste statistics are made available to access 24 hours a day and enable you to micro-analyse your businesses recycling performance year on year.

Invoices & Tickets

To reduce paper waste your accounts department are able to use the Portal to organise invoicing and download copies of waste transfer notes at your own convenience. Due to the laborious nature of checking off invoices, Go Green have provided an itemised checking system including all proof of delivery (PODs) tickets for each and every charge for ad-hoc movements.

Benchmarking & Reporting

League table and KPI measurement tools assist you in an essential part of your corporate, financial and environmental impacts. The benchmarking tool provides you with the ability to measure your business performance in various ways. The bespoke KPI option enables you to select what measurement options you require; you provide the target and Go Green will monitor and measure the success.