Environmental Compliance

Environmental Compliance

Go Green prides itself on helping our clients to find the perfect method of waste disposal on a per waste type basis. Waste is not just classed as disposed of but its disposal planned in detail from start to finish.

We help and encourage our clients to re-use on site and offsite, recycle waste to energy, and donate to local charity projects as well as promoting many other environmentally friendly solutions. All of this helps our clients to reduce the environmental impact of their building projects.

Carbon / CO2 Footprint

Carbon / CO2 Footprint

Go Green are committed to helping our clients to reduce and neutralise their carbon footprint. Using DEFRA approved market leading algorithms we can do full waste movement carbon emissions planning, tracking and reporting for all our clients.

We provide detailed breakdowns of all CO2 and CO produced by the movement of the waste fleets used per site as well as globally across all sites, allowing our clients to set targets and monitor their carbon output. With our help more and more of our clients are becoming carbon neutral and minimising their carbon footprint.



Recycling is a fundamental feature at Go Green, from recycling in our offices through to positive promotion to our clients overall. By recycling your waste, we can not only minimise your cost and energy requirements but also provide an environmentally friendly solution to waste disposal.

We believe so strongly in this minimisation that we are ISO 14001 certified and our own offices are built from reclaimed materials. We have our own solar panels and biomass boilers providing our offices with electricity and heat all year round. We also recycle our rain water for flushing our toilets and compost our food waste for use in growing the plants nearby.

BREEAM & Ska Assessment

BREEAM is the world's leading sustainability assessment method for master planning projects, infrastructure and buildings. It addresses a number of lifecycle stages such as New Construction, Refurbishment and In-Use.

BREEAM Assessment

Go Green works hand in hand with our clients to help plan and measure BREEAM compliance and credits. Working from the early planning stages of a project through to project completion we assist with client target specification and BREEAM credit calculation. Our real-time reporting system allows our clients to see exactly where they are with regards to their targets compared to their actual waste creation and overall performance throughout the duration of any given project.

Upon project completion our systems automatically calculate the BREEAM credits due to our clients, as well as their performance vs targets and success hit or miss rates. We provide detailed waste breakdowns and metrics based on both waste and CO2 production for your project and can even compare all of this to your targeted costings and projected expenditure. End to end project waste management in one easy to access location.

Ska Assessment

SKA reporting and rating will enable you to measure 100% of the environmental performance of a project. Go Green's market leading client portal allows you to monitor, track and report on your projects performance incorporating SKA's best practice guidelines.

This allows you to see quickly and easily which SKA banding your project is currently operating in. Working with our dedicated compliance team we can help you increase and maintain a high SKA banding for all your projects and help you to ensure that any waste that can be re-used is re-used on site.