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Our system integration Application Programming Interface (API) allows Go Green to link directly into our customer’s operational management software. This means that you don’t have to wait for information or reports, it’s all there in real-time. Through utilising this API, customers can save precious time and money, whilst making their operations
run efficiently. 

Real-time information, whatever your platform

Key Features

Flexible Integration Options

The API is developed by Go Green, we can integrate whichever way best suits.

Monitors Compliance Breaches

We are notified when one of our suppliers breach their compliance status.

Requirements Bespoke to your Needs

The API is customisable to the requirements of you and your business.

Supply Chain Compliance Data Available

We integrate with public data to ensure supply chain data is up to date.

Our Approach

Seamless Integration

We develop and integrate our system with several compliance databases, this provides real time compliance checking across our supply chain. Regardless of how many suppliers are on your sites, Go Green will keep track of all compliance.

Real-Time Notification

Should something change with a supplier status allocated to live accounts, compliance or legal, Go Green are notified, which enables us to act on these changes. This means we can proactively monitor our supplier’s compliance status for you.

Adaptable Use  

As well as utilising Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to support our customers, Go Green also use APIs to monitor our supply chain. We maintain an API with the EA to keep track of our suppliers waste licences.