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Environmental sustainability is the foundation of Go Green as a business; therefore we have invested significant time and money into ensuring we are able to meet our present needs, without compromising the ability of future generations meeting their own needs. Tackling climate change is the biggest challenge to face humankind and we can all contribute towards the effort. We are committed to reaching Net Zero by 2030, our Road Map To Net Zero sets out the actions we need to take to achieve this.


Minimising our Environmental Impact

Environmental Protection

Supporting initiatives that protect our planet’s own complex ecosystems.

Climate Change

Committing to carbon reporting and setting ambitious emissions reduction targets. 

Biodiversity Loss

Delivering innovative initiatives to tackle the wide scale global biodiversity crisis.

Environmental Legislation

Championing environmental compliance through proactive environmental management. 

Our Approach

Net Zero Commitment 

To achieve our ambitious Net Zero target of 2030, we need to ensure we are accurately measuring and reporting our carbon emissions. We have invested significant time into reporting systems ensuring that we have accurate data to support our emissions calculations. 

Environmental Compliance

The waste industry is highly legislated through environmental policy. Go Green ensure that we are complying with all current environmental legislation through the implementation of our environmental management systems, accredited to ISO 14001.

Education & Training   

Go Green champion environmental education for our staff and customers, through our ReEducate pillar. Additionally, we ensure that environmental awareness is part of our culture through frequent environmental awareness training for all employees.