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It has never been so vital to utilise the waste hierarchy in regard to waste types. By employing circular loop initiatives, Go Green will take your large quantities of singular waste streams and find the best solution for recycling. Often these large quantities of waste can be a valuable rebate option when stored properly. Speak to your Account Manager about potential rebate options and make the most of your waste.

What to expect from Go Green

Hierarchy Utilisation

We will support to reduce, reuse, recycle or recover materials before disposal. 

Value Rebate Opportunities

Rebate options are available based on correct quantities of particular waste streams. 

Sustainable Solutions

We work with suppliers who can provide sustainable methods of disposal. 

Real-time Reporting 

Access to our market leading customer portal,
for a wide range of live reporting.

Our Approach

Rebate Options 

High volumes of waste streams like plastic, glass, paper, metal, wood, and cardboard can cause for problematic disposal for some companies. Go Green approach this with a positive attitude, why not consider rebate opportunities for your waste, and gain something back?

Efficient Containers

We offer appropriate containers for each waste stream our customers require, including compactors and balers, to ensure value rebate opportunities are available with the right quantities. If you’ve got large amounts of cardboard or plastic, this may be a suitable option.

Sustainable Disposal   

If rebate isn’t an option with the waste streams you’ve got, don’t worry, we’ll guarantee an environmentally friendly disposal via closed loop recycling or reuse initiatives. We partner with a variety of companies who we utilise for sustainable disposal.