Movement Tracking

Real-time movements for all waste containers for your sites are available via our online portal. The movement tool provides you with complete 24 hours a day control for your business whether you are on site or in an office environment. Every Ad-hoc (skip) or scheduled (trade waste) movement is recorded and located via the movements section of the Portal.

Visibility of waste data per site in both day or night mode. Individually opens for more detail.

For your ad-hoc requirements you will have access to transfer notes, ticket numbers, container charges, waste codes and carrier and disposal details amongst many other business critical information. These features will assist you with your waste container movements.

For your scheduled services, the benefits include reported missed collections and collection due dates to help you plan your waste empties and ensure you are managing your waste collections efficiently.

Recycling & Performance Reports

Using specific date ranges you are able to generate recycling and recovery reports broken down into individually segregated waste streams. This unique innovative system allows you to have complete control of your waste data for individual sites as well as your business as a whole. Waste statistics are made available to access 24 hours a day and enable you to micro-analyse your businesses recycling performance year on year.

Identify environmental performance and individually break down waste types and codes into raw data.

Benefits include flexible date range selections, total tonnage information and a presentable graphing format alongside accessible export features. This will provide you with the capability of integrating our reports into your own internal systems.

The reports also allow you to filter into your individual clients which can further improve your business efficiencies and enhance your corporate appeal for waste, recycling and reporting.

Invoices & Tickets

To reduce paper waste your accounts department are able to use the Portal to organise invoicing and download copies of waste transfer notes at your own convenience. Due to the laborious nature of checking off invoices, Go Green have provided an itemised checking system including all proof of delivery (PODs) tickets for each and every charge for ad-hoc movements.

Download invoices, waste transfer notes per ticket from invoices.

The Portal allows you to track paid and unpaid invoices and also clearly shows you any invoices in dispute and where credits have been raised. You can search for invoices by site name, invoice number or simply select a date range enabling you to highlight which invoicing period you wish to analyse. All invoices and PODs are fully downloadable and can be accessed 24 hours a day.

Furthermore all charges include an individual ticket number per movement which will match the POD uploaded onto the portal. This saves your business time and money and will significantly improve your accounts team’s efficiencies.

Benchmarking & Reporting

League table and KPI measurement tools assist you in an essential part of your corporate, financial and environmental impacts. The benchmarking tool provides you with the ability to measure your business performance in various ways. The bespoke KPI option enables you to select what measurement options you require; you provide the target and Go Green will monitor and measure the success.

Compare year on year performances, breakdown by site/region and view delivery targets.

Region by region recycling, cost and container usage can also be presented in a league table format which allows you to review your performance in all areas of the business. This not only creates healthy competition for your own internal business but also creates symmetry and consistency across your whole company.

Many of your clients may have recycling and cost KPIs for you to adhere to. These scenarios are all accommodated for via this tool due to the flexibility of our bespoke online system.

The reporting tool covers both cost control and environmental efficiency aspects. All compliance documentation is available to download into your own management systems and can easily be accessed at your convenience.


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