Sustainability  |  Social Value

Working with our customers provides an opportunity to deliver social value through a collaborative approach, and create impactful changes. Meeting the needs of varied communities is a mission best shared; through our GROWW Framework Go Green can identify ways to support people in the UK through partnerships, initiatives, and cooperative growth. It’s vital to be transparent and consistent in everything we report on; by using the National TOMs, we can measure the activities we carry out, and the impact left on the communities we engage with.

How We Deliver Social Value

Customer Partnership

Proactively finding ways to deliver social value with our customers, to create greater impact. 

Creating a Culture

Our staff Social Value Committee shapes the ethos of what we deliver. 


We report all social value delivered, against the National TOMs Framework. 


Local and SME suppliers are vital to delivering economic value, in communities we work within. 

Our Approach

Independent, Local Suppliers 

We have always championed small, local suppliers. We report the value contributed to communities through spending with SME’s and local suppliers on our contracts separately to wider social value activities, ensuring transparency in the additional social value we are delivering nationwide. 

Dedicated Team Expertise

Within our Go Green team, we have a Corporate Social Responsibility department that is focused on ensuring our customers receive social value delivery as part of our service. This supports them in reaching their own business social value goals, by incorporating partnerships with their waste service provider.

National TOMs Reporting

Integrating The National TOM’s Framework into our GROWW Impact Report, has allowed us to confidently measure the value of our initiatives. Alongside quantifying our Social Value, the TOMs ensure that are our delivery is backed up by evidence, putting an equal amount of focus onto the quality of what we do.