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With the public sector facing challenges like over population and cost cutting exercises, now more than ever this sector needs a focus on stable and efficient waste management provision. Go Green place great emphasis on delivering innovative solutions with cost efficient benefits which is carried out through added value. We will offer opportunities and solutions bespoke to the challenges associated within this sector.


Our Focus

Cost Consolidation

Creating efficiency by streamlining your costs through a consolidated waste process.  

Reducing Carbon 

Go Green utilise local suppliers for our customers for a reduced carbon footprint. 

Streamlining Your Processes 

It’s our job to streamline the administrative burdens of effective waste management. 

Building Social Value Alliances 

We want to build alliances with customers to sustain Social Value input nationwide. 

Our Approach

Service Levels 

To meet the high demands of the public sector, Go Green have service categories which allows us to match your specific requirements with a supplier that meets that criteria. Customers have peace of mind that service is carried out seamlessly.

Improved Strategy

A wide variety of waste streams doesn’t mean that we can’t hone in on circular economy opportunities, or pull focus from the end client. Go Green will help customers create a plan for the waste management which supports both. 


With the increasing focus on sustainability right throughout the UK, Go Green take it upon ourselves to support our customers to make environmentally sound choices, inclusive of local suppliers, carbon reporting and zero-emission vehicles for site visits.