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Go Green know full well that the Infrastructure sector comes with its own set of complexities, and need for issue resolution when faced with challenges. That’s why a flexible approach is a necessary requirement, and one that we are no stranger to. Go Green support our customers with projects on every scale, no matter the intricacies. We’ll find the right set up, whilst highlighting circular economy principles worth implementing.

Our Focus

Provision of Backhauling Initiatives

Save yourself money, and time, with our accessible backhauling initiatives.  

All Waste Streams

No matter the waste, no matter the quantity, Go Green will sort it for you. 

Promotion of Correct Containers

Ready-made best practice sessions offered to your staff on site.  

Coordinated Management Information

Go Green’s systems have been developed to work seamlessly together. 

Our Approach

Diverse Strategies

With environmental practices being vital within this industry, Go Green know we need to find innovative solutions to handle the vast range of waste materials, and waste streams, whilst promoting circular economy options to our broad range of customers.

Systematic Processes 

We pride ourselves in being pro-active in our approach and ensure waste is dealt with quickly, and effectively, to meet the needs of our customers. By coordinating our internal management systems, we can provide useful data to our customers easily. 

Enhanced Capability 

We combine a portfolio of disposal points, recycling facilities, inert and exempt sites and landfill. Through working collaboratively with our customers we uncover their bespoke needs and enhance their performance through effective waste management.