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Waste is everywhere, and in office environments, there are always materials to dispose of. Sometimes it can be hard to get the correct segregation on site, which is why we offer bespoke segregation signage to encourage your staff to dispose of their waste properly. Better segregation on-site leads to an improved recycling performance for the business, not to mention a sustainable method of utilising the waste hierarchy where possible.
What to expect from Go Green


We’ll create bespoke signage for your sites, depicting correct segregation methods. 


No matter how little, or often,
we have a service that fits in
with you.

Best Practice 

Go Green’s Site team will support you with best practice guidance on site.


Provision of the necessary containers, for all your recycling requirements. 

Our Approach

Waste Strategy 
Creating an efficient, and sustainable, waste strategy starts from within. That’s why Go Green offer customers waste disposal methods tailored for the office environments, and the waste streams that are produced. Our Site Inspection team is on hand to offer guidance.
Site Guidance

Our Site Inspection team will work with our customers to determine the right set up for them on site, which could include internal segregation bins or confidential waste containers, depending on what’s most cost effective and relative to the available space.  

Don’t Forget Food 
Let’s not forget about food waste, another inevitable waste stream but it doesn’t have to end up in landfill. We can coordinate initiatives that utilise your unwanted food waste for a closed loop solution, which turns your food into energy from waste.