Go Green Ltd offers a wide variety of skips and sizes which can be utilised for varying waste streams from heavy bulky waste to light shop fitting materials. Our experienced team can advise the best solution to complement the needs of your business, whether this is segregation at source or utilisation of the extensive waste facility locations available throughout the UK.

Skip Hire

The complexity of arranging skips is taken care of as we can coordinate all necessary licensing including, public highway permits and bay suspensions.

Dependent on your requirements our team will provide you with the most cost effective and environmentally friendly disposal options. We offer an unrivalled locally sourced service with the benefit of national coverage and flexibility.

View our skip sizes

Capacity Width Height Depth
2 yard open 109cm (43″) 92cm (36″) 103cm (41″)
4 yard open 135cm (53″) 92cm (36″) 128cm (51″)
6 yard open 170cm (67″) 107cm (42″) 183cm (72″)
8 yard open 170cm (67″) 122cm (48″) 201cm (79″)
10 yard open 170cm (67″) 153cm (60″) 201cm (79″)
12 yard open 170cm (67″) 183cm (72″) 201cm (79″)
16 yard open 173cm (68″) 201cm (79″) 214cm (84″)

Roll On-Off

Roll On-Off containers are an alternative service option from conventional skips that will require greater access and space on site.

We have a variety of Roll On-Off sizes with the most popular choice being 20 yard and 40 yard containers. These containers can minimise the number of vehicular movements on site resulting in reduced carbon emissions. Our knowledgeable team can assist in cost savings and improved efficiencies in this area.

Go Green is committed to providing the highest quality of service to its customers whilst ensuring all legal requirements are adhered to.

View our roll on-off sizes

Capacity Width Height Depth
16 yd (12.2 m³) 225cm (89″) 105cm (42″) 610cm (240″)
20 yd (18.3 m³) 225cm (89″) 125cm (49″) 610cm (240″)
30 yd (22.9 m³) 225cm (89″) 208cm (82″) 610cm (240″)
35 yd (26.8 m³) 225cm (89″) 239cm (94″) 610cm (240″)
40 yd (30.6 m³) 225cm (89″) 269cm (106″) 610cm (240″)

Trade Waste

The trade waste service has a number of different size containers starting from a single bag collection up to 1280 litre bins for the disposal of light compactable waste.

Space is at a premium in many businesses and access restrictions mean that receiving the correct waste container can maximise space. Go Green Ltd provides an efficient collection to suit a diverse number of clients’ needs combining all the appropriate legislative documentation.

We offer solutions for a wide range of waste streams and can identify simple and effective methods to reduce cost and improve your recycling performance.

View our trade waste sizes

Capacity Width Height Depth
Bags 30 Litres
120 Litres 50 cm 93 cm 54 cm
240 Litres 58 cm 107 cm 73 cm
360 Litres 60 cm 110 cm 87 cm
660 Litres 136 cm 123 cm 76 cm
1100 Litres 136 cm 145 cm 106 cm
1280 Litres 145 cm 123 cm 106 cm


Front-end and rear-end loaders are a convenient alternative to the traditional trade waste service, ideal for businesses that produce larger volumes of light compactable waste.

Containers are left on site and emptied on a scheduled service to suit the customers’ needs. These containers are for waste materials such as cardboard and general packaging. The FEL/REL containers are securely enclosed, perfect for the safe storage of light materials that may be susceptible to issues such as high winds.

All the appropriate documentation is supplied which is compliant with government legislation.

View our FEL/REL sizes


Capacity Width Height Depth
6 cubic yards 2036 mm 1751 mm 1725 mm
8 cubic yards 2036 mm 1751 mm 2200 mm
10 cubic yards 2020 mm 2122 mm 2150 mm


Capacity Width Height Depth
8 cubic yards 1806 mm 1412 mm 3254 mm
10 cubic yards 1806 mm 1500 mm 3840 mm
12 cubic yards 1806 mm 1770 mm 3840 mm
14 cubic yards 1806 mm 1850 mm 4150 mm
16 cubic yards 1806 mm 1850 mm 4640 mm


Grabs can be the perfect solution for challenging sites with limited space, no loading equipment or where a skip cannot be sited.

Stockpiled inert waste can be loaded and disposed of at a time convenient to you. Grabs may also be combined with aggregate deliveries, reducing your carbon footprint and costs, the perfect combination! They come in three main load sizes; nine, thirteen or the well-known seventeen tonne vehicles.

These vehicles can also be FORS or CLOCS compliant where there is a requirement.


Tippers provide a service which is ideal for large ‘muckaway’ projects where environmental compliance is a must.

A Waste Acceptance Criteria Test (WAC Test) will generally be required to enable us to source the most practical and cost efficient method of disposing of your waste. Like grabs, tippers may also be combined with aggregate deliveries; a simple but effective way of reducing costs and carbon emissions.

To further enhance the Environmental approach these aggregates can be secondary aggregates reducing the need to use virgin products.

Site Clearances

Can’t fit a skip on site? No problem, we can arrange a wait and load service to suit all needs on limited space sites.

We can provide collections of all waste types whether bulky, electronic or compatibles such as cardboard and bin bags. We can also arrange for waste removals from single items to large volumes for fit-outs, refurbishments, fly- tipped waste or office clearances. Labour is provided to remove waste from almost anywhere in the UK provided it is safe to do so.

We can also provide an out of hours service and offer emergency response if required, giving you complete piece of mind.

Hazardous Waste

Waste will be classified as hazardous if it is harmful to humans or the environment. The list of wastes classified as hazardous is extensive and includes asbestos, chemicals, batteries, solvents, pesticides, and aerosols, to name just a few.

Go Green has a vast number of fully audited suppliers who can offer a variety of services to dispose of hazardous waste. These services can cater for the collection of a few paint tins to a large industrial clearance. We offer a specialist service whereby a fully qualified chemist will visit site, document waste types and from there we will arrange a collection for the disposal of your waste.

All this with a guaranteed full audit trail ensuring your environmental compliance.

Disposal Only

Where businesses control their own fleet of vehicles; we provide a “tip on account” solution for a wide range of waste streams.

Due to the complex road network system in the UK; we have conveniently situated disposal facilities across the whole of the UK enabling our clients to transport and dispose of their waste in a safe, compliant and cost efficient way. It is not always cost beneficial for our customers to carry their waste back to locations near to their own depots; therefore utilisation of this service increases productivity whilst reducing carbon footprint.

This service can be used for waste streams including but not limited to: inerts such as, aggregates, hardcore, soil and stone.


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