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Investing in our planet is something we are continuously striving to be a leader of. In 2022 Go Green procured a 60acre site devoted to sharing sustainable growth within the Doncaster Community, and creating a lasting legacy. Previously used as a quarry, Go Green plans to transform this site to improve biodiversity, support community engagement, and enhance our ReEducate programmes to inspire the next generation to nurture our environment. Currently in the planning stage our Sustainability team is working alongside environmental experts and local stakeholders, to design the project.

Investing in Sustainable Development

Rewilding Conservation

Allowing the local nature to reconnect and flourish into its full potential.


Putting the needs of our local people and the environment before profit.

Wildflower Meadow

Creating a habitat that supports a variety of species to thrive in our local area.

Community Investment

A space for our community to enjoy as well as supporting their wellbeing.

Our Approach

Inspired Education

To provide rich learning exposure, through hands-on environmental experiences, Go Green are dedicating
an area of the site to ReEducate visits. This will allow children to immerse themselves into nature, and gain a keen awareness of the difference they can make to their planet.

Collection Contribution

Through shared knowledge, and collaboration, the transformation of the site will be elevated, achieving long-term benefits. Connecting with customers, supply-chain and local community, the project will be a partnership of key organisations who share a passion for climate action.

Development Goals

Considering international priorities for people and the planet, the development of our site has the United Nation’s SDG’s at the forefront of our design. Protecting and restoring life on land, providing quality education, and promoting sustainable and healthy communities are all essential goals of the project.