2023 Reports

April 10th 2024

After the last two years of immense growth, 2023 proved to be a breakthrough year that witnessed the introduction of several transformations across the business, which heavily shaped our corporate identity. With this evolution in place, we knew it was the right time to take another company shift, moving away from Sustainability towards ESG.

Our aim for our 2023 ESG Report is that it highlights the culture we have embedded throughout the company, it demonstrates our annual performance against our sustainability targets, and defines our objectives for the years ahead. Go Green are in a position to document these achievements after integrating environmental and social practises across all decision-making processes, and business operations. This new era of our business will allow Go Green to solidify our mission as the progressive solution to waste management.

Aside from our ESG Report, Go Green are proud to also announce our 2023 Net Zero Report as well as our first Gender Pay Gap Report. As an SME business, we take great pride in exceeding expectations and taking that one step further to deliver against responsible business practises, which ultimately led to these two reports.

Over the last twelve months, we have developed our commitment to broader sustainability practices, embedding environmental and social governance throughout the business; in doing so, it has led us to report on our gender pay gap.

By addressing, and setting targets on gender pay gap, we aim to contribute towards improved equality across the industry. This is alongside strategically improving the structure of our business, and implementing targeted initiatives to further progress the inclusive environment that we believe in.

We hope you can spare a moment to look over Go Green’s 2023 Report Suite and discover the progress we have made over the last year. For further insight, please reach out to your Account Manager, or alternatively, arrange a discussion with our Head of Sustainability, Sabrina Barnett at [email protected].

Read our 2023 Esg Report

Read our 2023 Net Zero Report

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