AI Waste Platform

28th July 2023


 With waste production in the UK steadily increasing year-on-year, progress in managing and reducing the volumes of waste also needs to align. As technology improves around the world, it is great to see advances in our own sector. Greyparrot is a waste analytics platform founded in 2019, which assesses waste passing through waste processing and recycling facilities throughout 50 sites across Europe. 

The system automatically recognizes waste objects and categorises them with an error rate of less than 1%; waste types include Fibre, Plastics, Textiles and Glass. Data produced from this presents Waste Managers the evidence necessary to improve operational efficiency on a singular site basis but also presents a portfolio of knowledge in the hope that it can provide a basis of change into how packaging is created and utilised in the future.  

Go Green share Greyparrot’s vision to create a world where every piece of waste is valued as a resource.   

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