Community Wood Impact Report

2nd May 2023

Community Wood Recycling is a network of social enterprises collecting and reusing waste wood in the most environmentally beneficial way, whilst creating jobs and training for disadvantaged people. Their service highlights the importance of promoting a circular economy, and by reusing left over wood materials, they help support a sustainable society. 

The business works to offer positions to a range of disadvantaged people, including those recovering from substance abuse or from mental health issues, people with learning difficulties and ex-offenders. Those working for Community Wood Recycling are given opportunities to build their confidence and self-esteem, whilst learning new skills and overcoming the barriers in finding employment. 

Go Green were thrilled to receive our Social and Environmental Impact Report from Community Wood Recycling, highlighting how we’d assisted with both sustainable outputs, as well as how we’d helped with the employment of those working at Community Wood Recycling between 01 April 2022 – 21 March 2023.  

In line with our Sustainability objectives, delivered through our GROWW Framework, Go Green aims to use Community Wood Recycling on client projects wherever possible, and as such, our Account Managers promote this as a preferred option to their client portfolios. Go Green are delighted to continue working with Community Wood Recycling to support their mission towards a sustainable future.


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