Dawson Group Litter Pick

19th July 2023

On 19th July, Go Green were excited to participate in a group litter pick with Dawson Group, who invited a number of local business’ to take part, at Tongwell Lake in Milton Keynes. 

Go Green were joined by various other companies such as John Lewis, Ocado, VW, Scania and Mercedes, with around 34 volunteers showing up on the day, including 3 from our own team. 

The group litter picked for around 2 hours and, overall after it was weighed, the litter collected totalled 43.2kgs which was a big success. 

Go Green were thrilled to collaborate with Dawson Group to help with organising the location for the litter pick and assisting with the logistics of the whole event. What a joy to spend some time outside, with likeminded people, helping maintain a beautiful community area.  


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