Mayflower Sanctuary Volunteering

25th June 2023

Mayflower Sanctuary Limited is a non-profit organization that provides safe and loving care for animals searching for a forever home. The sanctuary rely on donations and volunteers to continue this inspiring work; which is why on 31st May 2023 four members of the Go Green team headed over to lend a helping hand.

Our volunteers spent the day interacting with the cats, walking the dogs and cleaning the enclosures and the surrounding sanctuary gardens. The animals loved the extra attention and our team really enjoyed spending time with them, so it’s no surprise that Mayflower volunteer days are some of our favourites!

Mayflower’s vision is for a future where all pets are provided with a responsible and loving home for life and that Mayflower Sanctuary is recognised as a quality provider of animal welfare; and Go Green are looking forward to offering our continued support with this important cause.


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