Mick George Visit

Oct 18th 2022

Go Green are lucky to have such a strong supply chain behind us which enables us to work alongside such varied customers, right across the UK. Cultivating the right suppliers to work with is an incredibly important job, and one that requires continuous monitoring for both compliance aspects, but also to ensure we match the customer to the right supplier who can meet the service requirements.   

Where possible, we encourage our customers to attend supplier visits with us, this gives customers the opportunity to see first-hand the hard work necessary for suppliers ensuring the waste they receive is correctly treated and either reused, recycled or recovered.  

To gain a better understanding of what is happening to their waste once it leaves their sites, our customer, Ringway, wanted to visit one of their suppliers to see what goes on behind the scenes, and how their waste is being recycled. Go Green organised the visit as part of us recognising Recycling Week in September 2022.  

We took Ringway to visit one of their supplier’s sites, Mick George’s Recycling centre in Huntingdon. From Go Green, our Supply Chain Manager, and Ringway’s Account Manager attended the visit along with eight employees from Ringway. During the day we met with Neil Johnson, the commercial Director, and toured the facility.  

Go Green wouldn’t be able to achieve our milestones as a business without the support of our customers and suppliers. We place such value in creating and developing these working relationships and are thrilled when we get to bring both our customers and suppliers together.  

It was a great day to be able to showcase one of our outstanding supply chain partners, and highlight complete transparency to our customer. We have to say a big thank you to Mick George for hosting us for
the day. 

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