Modern Slavery Awareness

6th July 2023

Over the course of June, Go Green’s Training and Development Coordinator delivered Modern Slavery Training to all staff. In total, 59 hours of training was delivered to our employees, these were the first sessions of their nature and will now be refreshed annually.

It is important to us that the topic of Modern Slavery is discussed openly within the workplace and was vital that our employees had a deeper understanding of what Modern Slavery entails, and how close to home it can happen. There are 122,000 people in Modern Slavery within the UK, and when we realised that the UK places 145 out of 160 for countries with the highest modern slavery numbers, Go Green wanted to do their part to help improve this statistic.

The training covered subject matter such as:
• Types of modern slavery
• Industries where it is commonly found
• How to spot signs of it

It was incredibly important to showcase to our staff what Go Green do to prevent Modern Slavery within our business which includes thorough recruitment with the correct Right to Work checks, compliant Contractors of Employment and Financial checks.

“The modern slavery training was a great insight to policies we have in place to ensure these activities aren’t happening within our workplace but also our supply chain too. Many people aren’t aware of how high the statistics are around modern slavery or the many different ways in which people are exploited.”

Sophie Scott
Head of Operations
Go Green

Site Inspections

In regard to our Supply Chain, our Site Auditors carry out checks, as part of a thorough site audit, that there are no signs of Modern Slavery taking place. This is then recorded and documented, to make sure the information we are given on the desktop audit matches up with what we identify whilst on site.

Our Auditors will also speak with staff on site and establish:

  • Are the staff local?
  • Are the staff happy and approachable?
  • Is there evidence of accommodation on site?

Our Supply Chain Manager, who can visit any site at any time, conducts the vast majority of Site Audits and is a qualified Mental Health First Aider which helps to spot any signs that may not be obvious to the untrained eye.  All our sub-contractors must complete an annual questionnaire and are also asked to confirm what policies and processes they have in place, and that they adhere to the Modern Slavery Act. Sub-contractors provide evidence of all minimum/living wage requirements that are currently in place.


Along with the training now being delivered, as a company with a turnover exceeding £36,000,000 per annum, Go Green are required to maintain and publish an annual Modern Slavery Statement. The statement outlines what we do as a company to show awareness and prevent modern slavery within our business as well as our supply chain. We have several policies working in collaboration with the Modern Slavery Statement which includes:

  • Health & Safety Policy
  • Environmental Policy
  • Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Policy
  • Sustainable Procurement Policy
  • Whistleblowing Policy

“Raising awareness about modern slavery is crucial, and our employees now have a clear understanding of what it is, how to recognise the signs and report it as a result of this training. We have taken steps to prevent modern slavery in our business and supply chains and by educating our employees on this issue, we are contributing towards the global effort to eradicate modern slavery.”

Kerry Montague
Training and Development Coordinator
Go Green



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