Murphy Sustainability Day

Oct 20th 2023

On 14th September two members of Go Green teamed up with an additional 45 volunteers from Murphy Group for a volunteer day at Bosley Cloud in Cheshire. As part of Murphy Group’s Sustainability Volunteer days, this was a fantastic opportunity for Go Green to lend a hand to one of our customer’s initiatives. The Cloud’, or Bosley Cloud, is a prominent hill on the border between Cheshire and Staffordshire a couple of miles west of the Peak District National Park boundary, and was the location for the volunteering. To assist with the biodiversity of the area, and halt the over-growth of invasive species, the day was mostly spent cutting down plants like Rhododendron which spread across the hillside and choke the native species of plants. Over the course of 12 hours of social value delivered by each of our Go Green staff members, we contributed £406.32 of social value for the project. 


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