Powerlines Group Volunteer Day

December 19th 2023

Continuing with our customer collaborations, on 11th October 2023, 3 members of Go Green teamed up with 15 members of staff from Powerlines Group to carry out some outdoor maintenance at Hatfield Moors Nature Reserve. 

The Humberhead Peatlands are located in the north of England. Hatfield Moors represent the largest area of raised bog wilderness in lowland Britain at 2,887 hectares in size. The site is internationally important, both as an example of a lowland raised mire and for its breeding nightjars. 

Go Green organised the volunteer day to assist with general maintenance at the reserve which involved chopping down trees which were overcrowding a public track, as well as cutting back shrubbery to widen the community paths.  

Over the course of 5 hours the volunteers managed to deliver £1,371.33 of social value in total. Days like this help support a nature reserve close to our own Head office but also are a fantastic opportunity to bring businesses together to collaboratively provide community outreach.  



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