Project Groww Green

Oct 18th 2022

Since Go Green was established in 2000, we have continued to strive to reduce environmental impact through the services we deliver. As the business has evolved, we have dedicated even more effort into sustainable development to ensure we can have a positive, and lasting impact within Doncaster.

In September of 2022, Go Green invested £200,000 on the purchase of sixty acres of land in Doncaster, roughly 3km from our Head Office. The goal is to transform the site into an environmental conservation area under the name ‘Project GROWW Green’.

Showing commitment to sustainable development, Project GROWW Green is being established as a social enterprise business, ensuring that the prioritisation of the environmental and our community remains the key goal of the land, as opposed to profit.

As you can see from the image, the land is currently unused, showing the potential for a huge amount of net biodiversity gain. Currently in the planning stage, Go Green’s Sustainability Team are identifying the best use of the site, considering how we could create the greatest biodiversity net gain. With woodland creation, wildflower meadows and rewilding conservation all being incorporated in the design process; the land will boast multiple opportunities for both local businesses, and key Go Green stakeholders to share involvement in the transformation of the area and enhance their own sustainability goals.

To support the ReEducate pillar of the GROWW Framework, once developed, Project GROWW Green will be utilised to continue building lasting relationships with schools, by hosting educational visits for children allowing them to get hands on experiences of environmental conservation.

With great ambitions, we can’t wait to share further updates as we turn our design plans into reality.

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