Social Value Committee

November 2nd 2023

Since the launch of our GROWW Framework, Go Green have carried out social engagements with our customers and supply chain, but early on we knew that we wanted our own employees to play a part in the social actions we can carry out across our business, therefore we implemented our Social Value Committee.

To allow our employees to feel embedded within our community strategy, our Social Value Committee was formed and is made up of employees from around the business. They meet quarterly to discuss the calendar of events and bring their own unique volunteering ideas forward whilst finding new ways to reach out to different groups around South Yorkshire.

Recently, the committee met up to discuss Q4 initiatives and ideas they’re keen to implement, such as a weekly disposable coffee cup recycling project, healthy eating week, and boosting volunteering opportunities at local charitable organisations that many of our staff support outside of work. They discussed ideas on how to make volunteering initiatives more accessible for staff members around the business to get involved and shared their thoughts on putting together social value literature for staff to get a better understanding of how social value works, even if their roles aren’t directly concerned with it.

Making social value initiatives more accessible for our staff is vital when encouraging our teams to contribute the ideas they have, improve how we deliver social value as a business, and seek out social value collaboration opportunities that could be made possible with our customers and supply chain.



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