The Green Scheme

January 9th 2024

Go Green has undergone significant growth over the last few years but one thing we’ve kept under the radar is The Green Scheme: Waste Management Platform.  

Created through a desire to fulfil a gap in the market for an effortless waste reporting tool, The Green Scheme allows its customers end-to-end visibility of their waste. We used our 20 years of industry experience to establish software specifically developed for those who just want a tool to use in house to track, report and audit their own waste data. 

Customer feedback was the basis of development, the customer’s needs are at the forefront of The Green Scheme’s development which is why we’re confident in its design. With full customisability, customers can utilise the platform in a way that suits them. With no ‘right or wrong’ approach, The Green Scheme presents users with as much, or as little, information as necessary. Whether you’re a small business with under 10 staff, or comparably, a multi divisional business, the platform works the same. Adapting to your needs, the platform presents you with everything to create, store, track and download. 

The platform doesn’t just offer an audit trail for your waste, it also provides environmental features such as: 

  • Waste stream breakdowns 
  • Weight breakdowns 
  • Recycling & Recovery Rates 
  • Landfill Rates 

We’re all trying to create a more sustainable future, and that starts with looking at your waste. The Green Scheme gives you that starting point. 

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