VINCI Litter Pick

November 8th 2023

On 19th September three members of Go Green teamed up with six members of staff from VINCI to take part in a local litter pick around Cassiobury Park, Watford. The park is 190 acres of open grass and woodland, with a nature reserve also within its boundaries.  

As part of Vinci’s Sustainability Volunteering Days, they asked if we’d like to participate in an event; in which we then selected the location, activity and time for us to carry out the initiative. The route took the team on a loop around the canal where they collected five large rubbish bags of litter which were separated into recyclables and non-recyclables. 

Overall 11 hours of social value was delivered by each member of the Go Green team which contributed to a total of £558.69 social value delivered. 


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