Welfare Hire Nationwide

17th April 2023

In our drive to build upon our supply chain, and sourcing suppliers who are exploring innovative ways to enter the market, it’s always exciting when we come across a business who shares our passion for a more sustainable future. When Welfare Hire Nationwide was brought to Go Green’s attention, we were immediately impressed with their service offering, especially when it so well aligns with our own Sustainability strategy. Welfare Hire are part of Kelling Group, one of the UK’s largest companies delivering Vehicle Mounted Access Platforms and mobile Eco Welfare and Lighting units. The Welfare Hire division utilises the Group’s 25 years of industry experience, and unrivalled expertise, to offer a modern take on eco-friendly mobile welfare units.   


ECO Units 

With the desire to future proof site set up, the uniquely designed Eco Mobile Welfare Units offer a range of features, such as ECO Smart Power and ECO Smart Water across their variety models.  

  • ECO Smart Power – 100% use of renewable solar energy and next generation Lithium cell with smart auto start/stop power management. 
  • ECO Smart Water – 100% use of water, with rainwater harvesting and grey water recycling, and non-chemical XL WC and  wash facilities with smart waste tank service management.

The ECO units also produce up to 15x lower CO₂ emissions and are towable, negating the requirement for HGV transport. Utilising the hybrid battery and larger water tank systems reduces servicing and fuel requirements compared to standard counterparts so that customers can reduce their carbon footprint by with these Eco mobile welfare units on site. 

Moving Forwards 

Recently, Welfare Hire visited Go Green’s head office in Doncaster to carry out both a presentation, and demo, for our Account Management, Procurement and Sales teams.  

 The presentation enabled our staff to gain a comprehensive understanding of the units, and what benefits are available to customers. 

 Go Green are proud to work with a business so focused on providing alternative options to customers who are seeking to lessen their impact on the environment, whilst still having quality products at their disposal. Welfare Hire’s desire to educate, promote awareness and make an impact, aligns with Go Green’s Sustainability Framework, in which we highlight 5 key pillars of action to protecting the future of our plane via social, environmental and economic routes.  

 Welfare Hire are now one of our approved suppliers, with their units already being used on some of our customer sites. We look forward to see how they further develop and progress in their mission to impact in sustainable ways. 


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