World Book Day

March 7th 2024

On 7th March, in honour of World Book Day, we had the pleasure of delivering book donations to several amazing L&Q community centres in London, and meeting the wonderful people who are assets to these communities.  

Alongside our customer, Wates Group, we had the opportunity to not only meet those that were involved with these groups but also gain an understanding in to what they do and the impact that it has on the community. Access to books and reading materials is vital at all ages, so it was important that we were able to donate 500 books that covered a wide range, for all ages to maximise the impact that we were making.  

The first stop was at Windsor Park Centre’s kids’ nursery, and we made sure that young children had a book to celebrate. Next up was Starting Point, where we met L&Q’s Social Value team and Jeff Thomas who assists L&Q residents in gaining valuable employment skills.  

Afterwards, we headed to Seddon Centre and connected with the wider L&Q team and delivered books to local L&Q residents. Our final visit was at Lewington Centre, where we met with the fantastic ladies from Parentskills2GO CIC

Thank you so much to Wates Group for getting us involved with this great initiative, and thank you so much to all the fantastic people we met yesterday and for all the work that you do. 


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