World Mental Health Day

Oct 17th 2023

On the 10th October we celebrated World Mental Health Day by hosting our very own Tea and Talk Day.  Go Green know its incredibly important to recognise this day, as the UK is facing a rapidly rising mental health crisis affecting 1 in 4 people. The Mental Health Foundation created this day to highlight that as a society we are not very good at talking about our emotions and how we are feeling and there is still a stigma and discrimination surrounding mental health. Dispelling myths about mental health can help break the stigma and a create a culture that encourages people of any age to seek support  

Over the course of the day, our Mental Health First Aiders led themed activities and discussions to raise awareness and promote mental health advocacy. We hope that by coming together and sharing our experiences, we can break down the stigma surrounding mental health and encourage each other to prioritize our well-being. 

 As part of the day we:  

• Started the day with a department wide quiz
• Ran a ‘tea’ themed sweepstake to support the Mental Health Foundation 
• Introduced group wellbeing walks lunch time with one of our Mental Health First Aider’s
• Distributed guidance and resources to staff
• Had a visit from a furry friend
• Finished the day with a Cake Anagram Quiz

As much as the day was to raise awareness for a prominent subject, we also waned to have a little fun and lift spirits and encourage conversation between our staff. 


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